Frequently Asked Questions
1. What’s the story?

It’s all about you or your business. Impress the judges with your story of success. You have just 500 words to show how you are the best at what you do. Back it up with photos and maybe testimonials (up to 5 attachments).


2. Am I eligible to enter?

The Town and County Business Champions are open to Small Businesses. A Small Business is defined as a business with 50 employees or less. We are open to all types of businesses whether you are an independent coffee shop, accountancy firm or a digital marketing agency these awards are for you!


3. How many categories can we enter?

There is only one category – County and/or Town Business Champion. Will it be you?


4. How do I know if I make it as a Town or County Finalist?

Once judging is complete you will be told if you are a Town finalist a County Finalist or both (see 15).


5. How do we know our entry is good enough?

On receipt of your entry, our team will look at your submission. If everything is hunky dory, you will receive a Nominee Certificate and Window Sticker to announce your initial success.


6. How long does it take to enter a category?

Usually an entry will take less than 1 hour to complete. Once you have finished, send it to someone else to proof read, ideally someone that doesn’t know your business very well for some feedback.


7. Can I nominate another business?

Yes, you can nominate another business. We will tell them that you have nominated them, however, it is up to the business if they want to proceed with their entry.


8. I’m a Barber and have only been open 6 months?

Great, we love new businesses! Tell us your story and see if it can make it to the finals – it’s a fantastic way to promote your business.


9. I own an independent Restaurant with 3 members of staff, would I stand a chance against a business with 50 employees?

Definitely! These awards are designed to celebrate all Small Businesses including Sole Traders, Small and Family Run Businesses.

We do not judge your financials unless you would like to include them in your supporting evidence. This allows all levels of business to have the same chance. If you have a great story or have spent the time producing a quality entry, then you are in the running!


10. What supporting evidence should I include?

The attachments are there to back up any claims you have made in your answers. If you say you have great customer service, then include some testimonials to prove that.

If you can, include some of the following:

  • Photos and Videos – Your team, teambuilding and charity events
  • Testimonials – Staff, Customers, Suppliers
  • Website – Screenshots or videos
11. My partner says I’m not photogenic…

Why not include a picture of you, your place of work and any staff you have. Every picture tells a story.


12. When do we find out if we have reached the finals?

Once you have entered and the entry period closes your submissions will be scored by our independent panel of Judges. We will then announce the successful finalists by letter during February 2022 and on our website and social media following this.

If you are successful you will be sent information on how to promote your achievements and further details about the Awards Ceremony.


13. What’s with the Town Awards?

If our Judges deem you good enough, you could also be Town Champion for your local area!


14. How does the judging work?

We have developed our judging over 16 years and our judges, all top business people within their chosen arena, have cited our awards as both the most transparent and professionally executed. Each application is scored by up to 2 different judges. The judges spend several hours and score multiple entries.

The first half of the questions is designed to give the judges a real feel for your business, followed by one question where you tell the judges your story. It is worth noting that although all judging is computer based please ensure you upload images or screen shots of all-important pages. There are no site visits or presentations involved.

The finalists are chosen by adding all the scores and up to 12 entrants can make it through to the Final, however if scoring is low, less entrants make it through.


15. How can I promote myself as a finalist?

Share the news on Social Media. Use our hashtag #TCBC and we will spread the news too!

Contact your local media – try print, radio and television. They love to hear about your success stories. Don’t wait until the final, if you do become a winner, they will have even more reason to write about you again!

Use your finalist logo wherever you can, your website, email signatures, social media platforms etc.

Send in a blog post or press release. We will add this to our website blog and share over our social channels too.


16. Do I need to attend the Awards Final?

You only need to purchase a minimum of one ticket for the event, equally you can book a table of 10 to celebrate your achievement in reaching the Town and County Final.


17. Are there discounts available for tickets?

Yes, we do offer discounted Early Bird tickets. We also have a small number of VIP Tables of 10 available, these are sold on a first come first served basis.


18. Will we need to hire expensive dress suits or buy new dresses?

Absolutely not! To make it cost effective, it will be a fabulous lunch time event – so no expensive overnight stays – unless you want to. We say Dress to Impress, it’s totally up to you!


19. Where is the Awards Final?

We will be holding the Awards Ceremony on Friday 13th May 2022 at the Copthorne Tara Hotel Kensington London